Ueli Steck is well known for his speed ascents where he climbs routes in a few hours that take most climbers a few days. In his 82 Summits Challenge, the "Swiss Machine" climbed all 82 4,000 meter peaks in the Alps in two months. If that wasn't enough, he connected all of the peaks in a self-powered manner: hiking, biking, and running. I caught up with Ueli at MetroROCK, a climbing gym right outside of Boston while he was on a 2.5 week speaking tour presented by Alpina Watches and American Alpine Club

In the first 10 minutes of this episode you’ll hear my chat with Ueli at the gym. What makes him so good? What can we learn from the "Swiss Machine's" training plan that we can apply to our own version of an 82 Summits Challenge? After that, you’ll hear Ueli’s presentation at the Somerville Theatre in Boston.
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