In our annual New Year episode, we look back at what we accomplished in the previous year and set goals for the next one. Unfortunately, over the past two years my success rate hasn't been good - 33% to be exact. I’m not the only one with this problem. Goals are inherently hard and life can take us in different directions that move the finish line. Still, it’s obvious that we need help, so in today’s episode, we bring on a guest who knows a whole lot about goals and motivation.

Hengchen Dai, a researcher on goals, motivation, and self regulation. She holds a PhD from University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business and she’s an assistant professor of Organizational Behavior at Washington University in St Louis’s Olin Business School.

We discuss strategies to increase your chances of achieving your goals in 2017.

  • A temporal landmark or "Fresh Start" will help motivate goal pursuit.
  • Reengage goals with a range.
  • Give yourself skin in the game.
  • Reduce cognitive load when choosing between a "should" and a "want"
  • Utilize temptation bundling
  • Plan B is not an option

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