In mid-August of 2015, I received a text from some old high school friends. These are the kind of friends that you see a couple of times each year, maybe at a wedding or when you return home for the holidays. We already have the foundation of a solid friendship, so it's never awkward, but life takes you in different directions. Besides, with social media and technology you already know what's going on in their lives.
Anyway, the text said that they wanted to go on a hike in Peru in the spring of 2016. They asked if I wanted to go. I said yes, and so did three other people. This episode of MtnMeister is a trip report about six dudes in their twenties who want to go on an adventure. They have limited time to take off of work, and they don’t have sponsors to pay for it. To put it simply, it’s real life. I know listening to professional athletes and extreme adventurers is fun, and yes, it definitely serves a purpose. But the meisters are outliers. They show us what is humanly possible, not humanly probable. 
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Aaron Gwin is a professional downhill mountain biker who has quickly ascended the ranks to become the best in the world. He competed in his first race at age 20, and today, at age 28, he’s a 3-time World Cup Overall Champion. Gwin has put the USA back on top in sport that in recent years has been dominated by Europeans. In this interview, we’ll talk about what it means to have supportive parents, the difficulty of staying competitive and passionate at the same time, and what goes on behind the scenes in downhill mountain biking and other action sports.

Thanks to our sponsor for this episode, Big Agnes. For 20% go to and use the code "meister" at checkout.

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Eric McElvenny is an endurance athlete and a retired Marine Corps infantry officer. He deployed three times, and on his third and final tour in Afghanistan, an IED took away his right leg below the knee. Less than two years after stepping on the IED, he stepped up to the starting line at the Kona Ironman and completed the race in 11 hours and 54 minutes. 

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