Caroline Gleich is a professional ski mountaineer, endurance athlete, and environmental activist. This past fall, she climbed and skied Cho Oyu, the sixth highest mountain in the world. On today’s episode, we’ll talk about that adventure, where she faced a spell of high altitude pulmonary edema (hape) that threatened her chances at summitting. Later in our conversation, we’ll talk about the implicit and sometimes explicit bias that women face in adventure sports that are predominantly male.


In today’s Company Spotlight, we feature Onsight Equipment, an eco-friendly travel gear company based out of British Colombia. Onsight uses recycled materials to build travel storage solutions, including bicycle frame bags, messenger bags, and travel organizers. After my interview with their marketing and business development manager, Jens Ourom, I'll review some of the products with Roommate Max and Hannah Van Wetter. For 20%, use the code “mtnmeister25” at 


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Bethany Hughes (Fidgit) and Lauren Reed (Neon) are in the midst of a daunting project: hiking (and occasionally paddling and cycling) from the southern tip of Argentina to the northern tip of Alaska. The 20,000 mile journey is expected to take 5 or 6 years, and in this interview, they join from Medellín, Colombia, about 2.5 years into their journey. Fidgit and Neon talk about their motivation, strategies to get along with adventure partners, and Her Odyssey: a mission to connect stories of the land and its inhabitants.


In today’s Company Spotlight, we feature Peak Design, a camera accessory, bag, and “carry” brand. First and foremost, though, Peak Design is a design company. They’ve launched numerous successful crowdfunding campaigns for products that use innovative design to accommodate specific uses while still fulfilling the many different ways that people may use them. For 10%, use the code “meister10” at
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Modern Huntsman is bi-annual magazine that works to restore the perception of hunting in our modern society by curating stories, pictures, recipes, and more. On today’s episode, I talk with the CEO and Co-founder Brad Neathery and Editor in Chief Tyler Sharp about why hunting has gained a certain reputation - from the influences of hunting companies and media to the individual-level behavior. We’ll also hear an essay from Volume 1 called “And So I Hunt", narrated by Brad. Finally, we’ll talk about how we reduce the divide between hunters and non-hunters.
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Dr. Robb Gaffney is a psychiatrist, former extreme skier, and author of Squallywood: a guide to Squaw Valley’s most extreme lines. In this episode, we’ll talk about the brain and risk taking, social contagion, and ways to encourage the next generation to take more responsible risks. Robb is also part of a movement to Keep Squaw True, as unwanted real estate development is threatens the North Lake Tahoe area.

In today’s Company Spotlight, we feature Coalatree, an eco-friendly outdoor apparel brand founded by Charlie Bessey. Coalatree uses recycled materials like coffee grounds and plastic bottles to make sustainable, organic products for the mountains and the city. After my interview with Charlie, Hannah Van Wetter and I review the Trailhead Pants. For 20%, use the code “meister” at

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Chris Warner is a well established mountaineer who has been climbing and guiding for several decades, a leadership educator, and the founder of Earth Treks climbing gyms. Last year, Chris attempted to climb the third highest mountain in the world, Kangchenjunga, but the summit escaped him. This season, he decided to give it another go. This episode is slightly different from our others. In hosting conversations with adventure athletes on MtnMeister, I’ve noticed that we are almost always talking about the past. This makes some sense  because we better understand the past; we can tell more cohesive stories because we already know the setting, the climax, and the resolution. But that isn’t reality, especially in adventure sports (there’s a good quote that goes, “Life is lived forward but remembered and understood backward.”) For today’s episode, the interview will have two parts which occurred at different times: I interviewed Chris a few days before he left for Kangchenjunga, and then again once he returned.
In today’s Company Spotlight, we feature DannyShane, a cycling apparel brand founded by Shane Hunt. DannyShane uses bamboo white ash in their fabrics, and the designs feature tartan plaids and other classic designs and colors with Scottish and Irish influence. After the interview, Roommate Max and I review the products. For 20% off at their online store (until August 12th), use the code “meister20” at 
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Pete Ripmaster is the winner of the 2018 Iditarod Trail Invitational. You’ve probably heard of the Iditarod before, and you might think it’s bizarre to be pulled by a bunch of dogs in sub-zero temperatures in the Alaskan wilderness. But that’s not the Iditarod that Pete won. He did the same course - 1,000 miles and 50 degrees below zero - in the form of an ultramarathon. With no dogs to help him along the way, Pete's feet carried him an average of 38 miles a day over 26 days.

Go to and use the code “meister” at checkout for $5 off and free shipping on your first order. 

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Pete Ripmaster's website -

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Chris McNamera is the founder of Outdoor Gear Lab, Tech Gear Lab, and Supertopo. If you are a climber or gear head, there’s a chance you’ve heard of these. He’s also well respected climber, holds some serious big wall speed records and has climbed El Cap 80 plus times. In the early 2000s, Chris was one of the pioneers of wingsuit base jumping, but he eventually quit the sport because of it's risk. Today, he's reinventing South Lake Tahoe one of the best mountain towns in the US.

In today’s Company Spotlight, we feature Sufferfest Beer Co., and it’s founder, Caitlin Landesberg. Sufferfest is a beer built to reward you post-adventure – or maybe during your adventure, depending on what you’re in to! After the interview, Hannah Van Wetter and I review the beer and have a few drinks. For 20% off at their online store, use the code “meister” at You can buy the beer online at Craft City -

This summer I am reporting on Big City Mountaineers and their Summit for Someone trip on Longs Peak from September 7th to 9th. I have reported on these trips in the past, and this year, we’ll be promoting their Corporate Challenges program, where a company can host a trip of it’s own. I think it’d be a cool story about team-building and corporate social responsibility (plus your company will get some good PR out of the whole thing). Everyone who signs up gets a 70L pack, Mountainsmith trekking poles, a BCM t-shirt, and their voice on MtnMeister! If you or your company are interested in getting involved, shoot me an email at


Outdoor Gear Lab -

Tech Gear Lab -

Supertopo -

South Lake Tahoe -

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Chris McNamara on Enormocast -

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Dr. Jared Vagy is a doctor of physical therapy and known as “The Climbing Doctor”. He’s a professor in the Department of Physical Therapy at USC, works with Olympic athletes on teams in both the US and China, and has treated and taught more than 1,000 climbers. He’s the author of Climb Injury Free, which includes injury advice from professional climbers and step by step rehabilitation instructions for climbing injuries. In this interview, we talk about common injuries among climbers, how to know when to push hard and when to back it off, and the difference between pain and injury.

In today's Company Spotlight, we feature a Portland, OR based company, Thunderbolt Sportswear, and it's co-owner, John Connor. Thunderbolt's signature item is a do-it-all pair of soft shell pants/jeans made with Schoeller Dryskin, and they've now expanded to shirts and outerwear. After the interview with John, Roommate Max and I review the products. For 25% off, use the code "mtnmeister" at

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The Climbing Doctor -

Stephen Curry strobe classes -

Clarifying the Role of Pain in Injuries -

Buy the Book -

Climbing Doctor Instagram -

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Of all of the guest requests that I receive from listeners, Steve House is the name that comes up most. Steve is one of the most respected alpine climbers of this generation. In a time when establishing a quantity of summits has a certain superficial appeal, Steve stays committed to quality. He moves through the mountains in light and fast style, and through his programs like Alpine Mentors and Uphill Athlete, he teaches other climbers to do the same. In this interview, we’ll profile his introduction to climbing, the importance of mentors, and his approach to training. He’ll also talk about an accident in 2010 that left him stranded on the wall.

After Steve's interview, I’ll speak with Jeff and Susan Russell, the founders of Ridge Merino, in our Company Spotlight segment. Jeff Russell was heading up soft goods at Armada when he realized that all of the Armada athletes - when they weren’t at photoshoots - wore merino baselayers instead of the synthetic ones that Armada produced. Jeff and Susan set out to make youthful, cost effective merino base layers to fill the void. Get 20% off with the code "meister" at

This episode is supported by Health IQ, an insurance company that uses science & data to secure lower rates on life insurance for health conscious people.


Skyward Mountaineering -
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This is MtnMeister's semi-annual gear giveaway episode! If you’re a fan of the show, you’ve probably heard of it. 
If this is your first time listening, here’s how it works. A couple of weeks ago, I went to the Outdoor Retailer trade show in Denver where over 1,000 different outdoor brands exhibited their newest products. In exchange for being featured on today’s episode, each company agrees to give you gear.  These are all real products that are either currently on the market or will be later this year - this is not “swag” or the branded cheap stuff that you end up throwing away.
To win the free gear, all you have to do is listen to this episode, and when you hear a product you want, email me at and tell me you want it. The first person to request it wins! You can only win one prize, and after you win it, you cannot exchange it. Winners must be in the USA.
Finally, this time around, we had a grand prize of 2018 Salomon QST skis, which will be raffled off to one person who purchased information about the date or time of this episode’s release. I’ll announce that person at the end of this episode. 
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In our Outdoor Retailer episodes of MtnMeister, we record short interviews with innovative and exciting outdoor brands. In exchange for being featured, they give you free gear! When you hear a product that you want, email to request it. The first person who requests it wins! Last year we gave away over $5,000 in prizes.


Easy, right? The only issue is that there’s a lot of competition from others who want the free gear. Last year, everything was claimed within about an hour of the episode’s release. This year, Outdoor Retailer will be from January 25 – 28, and the MtnMeister giveaway episode will be released at some point after that.


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By purchasing one of the items above, you will be entered to win our GRAND PRIZE, a brand new pair of 2018 Salomon QST. The QST was the #1 selling freeride ski in North America in 2016/17, and the 2018/19 pair will be updated with basalt and C/FX 3 technology which now extends edge to edge. This is Solomon’s proprietary carbon/flax blend which gives the ski stability while maintaining its lightweight. The winner chooses a pair up to $850!


With this small purchase, you significantly increase your chances of winning gear worth a whole lot more! Last year there were 30+ winners and the average prize was worth $150.

Note: Winners must be in the USA because of shipping restrictions. Sorry!



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Chris Davenport, at age 46, is one of the most accomplished big mountain skiers today. He was a pioneer in figuring out a way to make a career out of skiing and has inspired the generation of freeskiers that you see today. Recently he was inducted into the Colorado Snowsports Hall of Fame. Chris talks about the early days, his upcoming projects, gear, and MountainHub, an app that uses Crowdsourced information to assist you with your outdoors adventures.

After Chris's interview, we introduce a new segment to MtnMeister: the company spotlight. In our company spotlights, we feature short interviews with lesser-known outdoor brands and give them an opportunity to talk about their line of products. Then, Hannah Van Wetter and I review the product. Today's company spotlight is with OROS Apparel, who features a NASA technology used for space suit insulation in their outerwear and midlayers. Get 10% off with the code "meister" at checkout.

This episode is supported by Health IQ, an insurance company that helps active and health-conscious people get lower rates on their life insurance. See if you qualify with a free quote at

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