Erik is a professional photographer and whitewater kayaker that has been featured in numerous adventure films. In 2011, he and his adventure partner Jon Turk became the first to ever circumnavigate Canada’s Ellesmere Island – a 1500 mile journey that took 104 days. Erik was selected as one of the 2012 National Geographic Adventurers of the year.

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Chris Noble is a writer and one of the world’s leading adventure photographers. His works have appeared in hundreds of publications worldwide, including Life, National Geographic, Newsweek, Orion, Outside, Rolling Stone, and Sports Illustrated. Check out Chris's Meister Profile -

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Eric Larsen is a polar explorer, expedition guide, dog musher, and educator. The list of Eric’s accomplishments in exploration is extensive including both winter and summer expeditions to the North Pole. Check out Eric's Meister Profile -

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At the 1998 Olympic Winter Games in Nagano, Japan, Nikki Stone became America’s first-ever Olympic Champion in the sport of inverted aerial skiing. What made this accomplishment even more impressive is that less than two years earlier, a chronic back injury prevented her from standing, let along walking or skiing. Check out Nikki's Meister Profile -

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Jay is a professional cross country mountain bike racer. Over the course of his career, he has accumulated 14 NORBA (National Off Road Bicycle Association) National podiums.

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Lisa is a writer, photographer, TV producer and host, filmmaker, product consultant, and professional skier. A former member of the U.S. Ski Team, she was just named U.S. Alpine Masters Skier of the Year for the 5th time. Her "Your Turn" women's ski events is a national program which has helped over 6,000 women ski better over the last 20 years.

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Tate is pushing the envelope in social, educational, and musical events by continually reintegrating an arsenal of new concepts and human connections. We will be highlighting one of those events called Avalaunch, an event which combines the festival atmosphere with avalanche awareness.

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Steve is a 3-time Olympian, World Champion, World Cup Overall Champions, and Olympic Gold Medalist in 4-man Bobsled. He was named one of Sports Illustrated’s renowned “Athletes Who Care” and was a 2011 Nominee for the International Champion for Peace Award.

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Skip is one of the founders of JanSport, the largest backpack maker in the world. He is the author of “The Hippie Guide to Climbing the Corporate Ladder and Other Mountains”, and travels around the country to share his passion with youth.

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Rebecca’s national wins across multiple off-road formats top the list, as well as record-setting victories at storied ultra-endurance races like the Leadville Trail 100, Dirty Kanza 200, and 24 Hour Mountain Bike World Championships.

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Derek lives, works, and vacations in mountains around the world. In the northern hemispheres summer, Derek is the lead guide at South America’s premier backcountry snow cat operation, Ski Arpa.


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Mike was the captain of Team Nike Adventure Racing where his results include but are definitely not limited to four World Championships, Three Eco-Challenge titles, and five Primal Quest Championships.

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Jay spends as much time as possible in the mountains skiing, climbing, biking, hiking, mountaineering and kayaking. This has gotten him into some sticky life or death situations. Jay is also a sponsored ski tester, photographer, and writer.

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Jayson is a professional luger and member of the United States Luge Team. Among numerous accomplishments including world cup silver and bronze medals, Jayson placed 6th in the team relay and 11th in doubles in the Sochi Olympics this past February.

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Brody Leven is a professional skier, photographer, author, and all around outdoorsman. He was recently named Solomon’s first four-season athlete, and is committed to completing his ascents and descents in a human-powered approach.

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After graduating from UC Berkeley with a degree in Molecular Cell Biology and taking the MCATs, Miles Clark decided to not pursue medical school. He moved to Tahoe to start “ski bumming” and has yet to look back. Miles is the founder of

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Garett is a contributing editor of Trail Runner Magazine and an avid ultra marathoner who lives in Lafayette, CO.

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Graham Banks is a professional snowboarder specializing in both the backcountry and terrain park.

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Nick Fairall is a professional ski jumper and a member of the 2014 United States Olympic team that went to Sochi.

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Nick manufactures skis for Moment, one of the fastest growing craft ski companies in the industry.

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Ian is a professional backcountry snowboarder, Alaskan Fisherman, and medical marijuana farmer from Maltby, a small town at the foot hills of The Cascades in Washington state.

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