Darcy Piceu is one of the best female ultrarunners in the world. She has placed first three times in a row at the Hardrock 100, a 100 mile race through the Colorado San Juan mountains. It covers the vertical climb of more than the elevation of Mount Everest – over 33k feet. In addition to competing, Darcy coaches other runners and is a mother.

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Joel Gratz is the founder of the future of weather, brought to you with added flair. Most weather information is sensationalistic and overwhelming, but not here. In a fun and witty style so often lacking in weather reporting, OpenSnow helps snow lovers smile and find their perfect mountain experience. Their industry-leading features include handcrafted and personable forecasts, LiveSnow reports direct from the hill, custom snow alerts, and the first “Ask a Weatherman” service available to the public. Plus authenticity is baked in, as the site is run by skiing meteorologists who keep track of their accuracy.

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Ronnie Dickson is a prosthetist by day and a professional boulderer by night. In 2005 at the age of 17, Ronnie lost his leg above the knee because of a congenital disorder called Trevor’s disease. After his amputation, he found the sport of climbing and never looked back. Since then Ronnie has been at the forefront of the disabled rock climbing movement in competitions around the world, and he is aspiring to be the first above the knee amputee to boulder the V10 difficulty grade.

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Steph Davis is a professional rock climber, base jumper, wing suit flier, and a passionate chef. She has an impressive list of accomplishments which include many first ascents some of which are free solo. She also owns and runs MOAB Base adventures which provides classes, guiding, and stunt and production work for climbing and base jumping.

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Faith Dickey is a professional slackliner who specializes in highlining, longlining, and free soloing. She set the female world record for Highlining length at 345ft (105m) in Moab, Utah. She is also the first female to surpass the 100 meter mark in highlining. Her record for height was in the Swiss Alps at 4000ft (1200m) from the valley. Faith has more than 30 free solos (walking without a safety leash), the longest of which is 28m, also a female world record.

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Jason Haas is a math teacher, co-owner of Fixed Pin Publishing, and a rock climber (free solo climbing on occasion). He has done climbing in Alaska, Africa, Asia, South America and all over the continental US. Jason has completed over 550 first ascents, many of which are done to create guidebooks for Fixed Pin.

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David Chancellor and Daniel Chancellor are the owners of So iLL Inc, which is in the business of manufacturing climbing holds and more recently offering a premier climbing gym called Climb So iLL in the Saint Louis area. When asked to describe each other's appearance, Dan describes Dave as a "white Bob Marley, and Dave describes Dan as "maybe a comic book character or a terrorist".

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There are many different ways to describe who a Meister is. Perhaps a good phrase would be "good at what he/she does." Yet, no matter how much someone has mastered something, or "Meistered" something, risk remains. Mark Kogelmann and Meredith Eades first met in Chile at Nevados de Chillan, a ski resort about six hours south of Santiago. Mark, a Meister from episode #4, ran into some trouble at Nevados de Chillan, and he might not be around today if it wasn't for his new friend Meredith.

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Nick Troutman and Emily Jackson are both professional white water kayakers. In 2009, they decided to join forces through the bond of marriage to create what can only be called a kayaking power couple. In 2013, Nick and Emily had a baby who, unless the gene skips a beat, will be a paddling prodigy. 

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