Join us as Jon shares what it's like to walk on a one inch wide line hundreds of feet off the ground. Always living for the next adventure, Jon travels and works with Gibbon Slacklines to run their competition circuits.

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Join us as Muffy shares her inspiring journey from a tragic ski accident to seven Paralympic medals in both alpine skiing and handcycling. Muffy is an inductee in the US Ski and Snowboard Hall of Fame and the US Disabled Ski Hall of Fame. 

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Bruce has been the Director of the Forest Service Utah Avalanche Center since 1986. His previous work includes avalanche control and forecasting at various ski areas in Alaska. Bruce also holds a Master's Degree in Geology, where he studied avalanches. Listen as Bruce explains how to avoid avalanches and keep your friends safe!

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Rick's career has been focused on serious climbing and guiding in the highest mountains. Most noteworthy is Rick's leadership of the successful New England Everest Expedition in the spring of 1991.

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Kyle is a pioneering splitboarder who has quietly ticked off an impressive list of ups and downs in his home Cascadian range. Kyle was the first to successfully splitboard the top 25 Northwest volcanoes.




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Adventure traveler and guide Jessica Pociask describes what it's like to lead a group of American travelers through an unexpected military coup in the capital of Mali.
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Backcountry skiing film producer Mark Kogelmann shares his experiences skiing and filming in northern India, where the snow monkeys roam and the powder is deep.

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Disabled rock climber Craig DeMartino tells the chilling story of his climbing accident and his improbable return to the sport.

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World record polar explorer Doug Stoup joins Russell and Ben to talk about his ventures from the coast of Antarctica to the South Pole. Find out what it takes to drag a 230 pound sled for hundreds of miles in sub-zero temperatures.

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Your hosts, Russell and Ben, welcome you to The MTNmeister podcast.

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