Brian Warren is a year-round professional mountain guide based out of Jackson, WY. He guides in various parts of the world including Jackson Hole, the Pacific Northwest, and the European Alps. He has also climbed and guided in Alaska, Canada, South America and the Himalaya. Brian presently holds IFMGA and AMGA Aspirant status and an Avalanche level III certification.

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Aaron Scheidies has traveled around the globe competing in over 200 triathlons. Before all of this, at nine years old, Aaron was having trouble seeing the chalkboard. This eventually led to him being diagnosed with a condition called Stargardt’s disease, which is a common form of inherited juvenile macular degeneration. Aaron now has 10% of the vision of a fully sighted person, but that hasn’t stopped him from becoming an eight-time World Champ, an eight time-national champ, and a guest on the MTNmeister podcast.

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Kalen Thorien is a professional skier, adventurer, writer, and photographer based out of Salt Lake City, UT. She has been placed on the covers of Ski Magazine and Powder Magazine among many other publications. Until recently, to support her skiing, Kalen held jobs in construction, as a dock hand, and as a firefighter. Contrary to what some might think, Kalen didn't start seriously skiing until 16.

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Jason Thompson is a professional adventure photographer with industry leading media clients and brands including Patagonia, North Face, Alpinist, National Geographic, and NPR.  Jason was also a mountain guide; from 2005-2013, he collected 100 + summits of Mount Rainier, four Denali expeditions, and more as a senior guide at Rainier Mountaineering and Pacific Alpine Guides.

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Hadley Hammer is a pro skier on the Freeride World Tour with a very appropriate last name. Growing up in Jackson, WY, Hadley was brought up in the mountains, spending all her time chasing her brothers around the Tetons. While a pro skiing career consumes much of her time, Hadley is also a sommelier and gourmet chef. She attended quite possibly the best school in this nation, University of New Hampshire (Ben's alma mater, hence the bias), and received a B.A. in hospitality and a minor in economics.
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Jamie O’Donnell has worked as an educator in numerous capacities since the early 90's: as an outdoor educator, a high school biology teacher, and university biology lab-instructor. He currently instructs field courses for NOLS (National Outdoor Leadership School). He has a M.S. in Environmental Education and an M.A. in teaching. His passion for teaching, the outdoors, and wilderness medicine fuels his enthusiasm as a WMI instructor.

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The 2015 Annual Benefit Dinner is the American Alpine Club's biggest and most anticipated event of the year. In this presentation, Sasha DiGiulian talks about the development of her climbing career. She also comments on her recent experience with ice climbing and the transition from indoor to outdoor climbing, 

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The 2015 Annual Benefit Dinner is the American Alpine Club's biggest and most anticipated event of the year. Notable mountain guides and Sherpas discuss the current state of Mount Everest and how to solve some of issues seen of late. Panelists include Melissa Arnot, Garrett Madison, Dave Hahn, Greg Vernovage, Phunuru Sherpa, and Ngima Sherpa. The discussion is moderated by Alan Arnette.

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The 2015 Annual Benefit Dinner is the American Alpine Club's biggest and most anticipated event of the year. In this recorded interview, adventure journalist Jim Clash interviews mountaineering legends Sir Chris Bonington and Ueli Steck. Near the end, Reinhold Messner asks Ueli Steck about the reason that the fight broke out on Mt. Everest in 2013. 

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Casey Greene is based in the mountains of western Montana and is a long time cartographer of Adventure Cycling Association. He has been labeled a pioneer by Sierra magazine for his numerous bikepacking trips and by BIKE magazine for his numerous packbiking trips. Casey's MAPS have also been featured in many publications including the New York Times. During his time at Adventure Cycling Association, he has spearheaded a diverse array of projects including the research, design, and mapping of the Idaho Hot Springs Mountain Bike Route.

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