In June, I had the opportunity to join a Summit for Someone climb on Mt. Hood to benefit Big City Mountaineers. It didn't look like the month of June though - the weather was, quite simply, terrible. The rain, snow, and wind made everything less certain and a summit bid unlikely. In this episode, you'll hear about my introduction to mountaineering, battling the elements, and how social influence impacts our decision making.

BCM takes underserved urban youth on wilderness expeditions to help teach them critical life skills like leadership and teamwork. Summit for Someone is the fundraising arm where climbers pick their dream peak and raise money for the organization in the process. Joining me on this climb were Rob and Jasper, a father-son duo from Positive Tracks. Positive Tracks is a nonprofit that promotes the combination of philanthropy and athletics (or "sweat for good"). 

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In June, Masha Gordon broke the speed records for the Seven Summits Challenge - climbing the highest peak on each continent - and the Explorer's Grand Slam - the Seven Summits plus reaching the North and South Poles. Contrary to what you might think, Masha isn't a lifetime climber. After 16 years in the finance industry (Goldman Sachs and PIMCO) she has switched her focus to mountaineering. Masha is the founder of GRIT&ROCK, a mission to get more young women interested in mountaineering.

In the first half of this episode, we talk about the parallels of decision making in the mountains and in the markets. How do confirmation bias, randomness, and our emotions impact how we evaluate situations? In the second half, Masha talks about how mountaineering has very little female participation and what needs to happen to fix it. 

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Augmented reality is impacting the way we participate in the outdoors. Consider Pokemon GO, which gained worldwide appeal in a matter of days and encouraged millions of people to go outside. Yet, is this the best way to promote outdoor participation? While there have been significant innovations in headsets, Google Glass, and the smartphone, the technology is only in it's infancy. 
How will Pokemon GO and other forms of augmented reality change our outdoor experiences? Kelly Davis is optimistic. In this episode, we talk about the opportunities, business implications, and what’s worrisome about this rapidly evolving movement.
Kelly Davis is the director of research at Snowsports Industries America, or SIA. SIA is the non-profit, North American member-owned trade association representing suppliers of consumer snow sports with constituents in the retailer, rep and resort communities.
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Ueli Steck is well known for his speed ascents where he climbs routes in a few hours that take most climbers a few days. In his 82 Summits Challenge, the "Swiss Machine" climbed all 82 4,000 meter peaks in the Alps in two months. If that wasn't enough, he connected all of the peaks in a self-powered manner: hiking, biking, and running. I caught up with Ueli at MetroROCK, a climbing gym right outside of Boston while he was on a 2.5 week speaking tour presented by Alpina Watches and American Alpine Club

In the first 10 minutes of this episode you’ll hear my chat with Ueli at the gym. What makes him so good? What can we learn from the "Swiss Machine's" training plan that we can apply to our own version of an 82 Summits Challenge? After that, you’ll hear Ueli’s presentation at the Somerville Theatre in Boston.
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