Chris Warner is a well established mountaineer who has been climbing and guiding for several decades, a leadership educator, and the founder of Earth Treks climbing gyms. Last year, Chris attempted to climb the third highest mountain in the world, Kangchenjunga, but the summit escaped him. This season, he decided to give it another go. This episode is slightly different from our others. In hosting conversations with adventure athletes on MtnMeister, I’ve noticed that we are almost always talking about the past. This makes some sense  because we better understand the past; we can tell more cohesive stories because we already know the setting, the climax, and the resolution. But that isn’t reality, especially in adventure sports (there’s a good quote that goes, “Life is lived forward but remembered and understood backward.”) For today’s episode, the interview will have two parts which occurred at different times: I interviewed Chris a few days before he left for Kangchenjunga, and then again once he returned.
In today’s Company Spotlight, we feature DannyShane, a cycling apparel brand founded by Shane Hunt. DannyShane uses bamboo white ash in their fabrics, and the designs feature tartan plaids and other classic designs and colors with Scottish and Irish influence. After the interview, Roommate Max and I review the products. For 20% off at their online store (until August 12th), use the code “meister20” at 
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